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Sustainability: Welcome

True sustainability is inventory control.
Not producing excess clothing.
Produce only what is needed.
Reduce excess goods and waste.

"Why fashion brands destroy billions' worth of their own merchandise every year"
Article by VOX  Sep 17, 2018


Produce only

what you need

Full package division at CAITAC has been working on “QRM” (quick response manufacturing) since early 2019 to meet customer’s expectation.
Bulk production lead-time from cutting to NDC delivery has improved to 1.8 weeks as of October 2018. (Please note - 2.9 weeks includes pre-production).   Our investment in in-house operation has speed up process.  All operations are now under one roof at CAITAC – cutting, sewing, washing, and finishing.  Our mission is to support brands to adopt to market conditions as soon as possible and produce only what is necessary.   This is an advantage in lieu of projecting sales several months in advance.  We believe, “ultimate sustainability in inventory responsibility”.

16days QR

Quick Response time. 
We are committed to leading the industry and moving the apparel industry forward.


To Reduce Waste

Actions that Caitac has made…
・Recycle cutting waste
・Recycle polybags
・Separate recyclable waste from others


Sustainable Recipe

Sustainability: Welcome


Water savings up to 90% by using sustainable recipe. An average pair of jean uses over 50 gallons of water during wash process. Combining the expertise of craft technicians along with use of latest technologies (laser processing, nano bubbles, wet & dry ozone) allows for water reduction of up to 90%.


Heavy Fade/Worn in --- Greater variations and details from laser use.  From heavily worn in look with destruction to original damage pattern that renews traditional vintage aesthetics.
PP Spray----Elimination of potassium permanganate spray and additional water bath used to neutralize potassium permanganate.   Safer working environment for technicians who are required to wear body suits and face masks when working with potassium permanganate.


Eco Stone

Pumice stone- Traditional stone wash with pumice stone has its environmental pitfalls.  The process creates non-recyclable waste as pumice stone is broken down after use.
Eco stone is re-usable and produces no waste by-product.  Eliminates need for natural stone mining and pumice stone sludge which significantly reduces environmental impact.

G2 Ozone 

Pulls naturally occurring ozone in our everyday air and concentrates it for denim processing.  Ozone accelerate oxidation process which produces THE REAL LOOK of “aged denim”.  It’s a perfect complement to laser for sustainable finishing.

G2 cube twin.jpg


Conventional method of delivering chemical to denim during processing is water.  E-Flow instead uses Air.  With e-Flow technology air from immediate surrounding is transformed into nano-bubbles. Denim jeans and water mist are then naturally distributed forming nano-bubble skin, making homogeneous mix between air mist and denim jeans.

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